Monday, April 22, 2013

Illustration Friday #38 "Train"

I always thought it would be fun to train Lula-belle how to sit still with a treat on her nose until I give her the command "GO FOR IT!"  I never did train her to do this, but I like this picture so much I'm tempted to try!
My smart doggie can sit, shake paws, lay down and come to me (sometimes). I guess that's good enough. Click on Lula-belle for a closer view.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Illustration Friday #37 "Wild"

Wild like a baby tiger! This pen and ink drawing is based on a cut paper piece I did for National Wildlife's "Wild Animal Baby" magazine. Always loved it, and was inspired to try the image out in black and white. Click on the tiger for a larger image.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Illustration Friday # 36 "Urban"

 Wren Neighbors

Outside my studio their lives three families of Caroline Wrens. Every evening these adorable tiny birds argue about who going to get to bed first. They yammer and yell at each other in their LOUDEST voices for at least 15 minutes. Then all at once, all is silent as each home swings on it's peg. Not a peep comes from the houses until daybreak when they start their complaining about who's getting out first!
Soon they'll have babies to feed, bringing non stop noise for the summer.
They are my entertainment and alarm clock. I adore my little wrens!

Illustration Friday # 35 "Egg"

EGG what a perfect subject for the week of Easter!
I have a shallow basket I keep on my studio porch with rocks inside that look like eggs. I've seen the Carolina Wrens stop in to take a curious look. They would be really surprised to find a clutch of eggs like these!

Illustration Friday # 34 "Swim"

For this weeks word Swim, I chose to illustrate patterned Beta Fish. 
I'm having a lot of fun with Black and white line.

Illustration #33 "Eye Glasses"

Everyone looks smarter when they wear eye glasses right?
Happy first Day of Spring!

Illustration Friday #32 "Yesterday"

Almost Spring, but still chilly in new England.
Seems like only yesterday that I finished this piece. Actually I did a color version in Tissue paper of this gal last week. So today here's new Black and White art from yesterdays old pencil sketch.

Illustration Friday # 31 "Talent"

 Head in the Flowers
With yet another snowstorm on it's way I use my talent to transform my mood into thoughts of Spring. I'm posting early this week in case I get stuck in Rhode Island between my Wednesday and Thursday classes. Fingers crossed, snow gear packed, now for a cup of tea and warm thoughts.

Illustration Friday #30 "Whisper"

I discovered Zentanges last week. Doodled little designs all over everything!
Have I already fallen out of love with them as I try my second piece? Am I getting too illustrative? IS this a Zentangle? Not sure, but I'm not as happy with Whisper as last weeks Owl and his Pussy Cats.

Illustration Friday #29 Owl and his Pussy Cats

Inspired by FAN member Jean Cotton's circular Zentangle yesterday, I went home and looked into this fascinating technique/movement. More than a doodle, it's got some very cool EASY visual tricks, turning your doodles into works of art.
In my Owl and his Pussy Cats piece below I learned how to make the Auraknot (see the Pussy cats frame) and the Betweed (see the owl's head). I made these two forms then worked the rest of the art around them. I had no idea what I was making until it was complete...or is it? So much fun!
Find your Zen by checking out Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas's UTube instructional at  Zentangle.