Sunday, September 15, 2013

Illustration friday #42 "Totem"

totem |ˈtōtəm|
a natural object or animal believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and adopted by it as an emblem. 

I think my Mandala fits the description. So here is my latest piece of art that happened to work out for illustration Friday. Hooray!
This is my third Mandala design. I have all three of them on display at Five Crows at their new location in Natick center.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Illustration Friday #41 "Liquid"

Little Fishy in the sea...or is that a fish bowl. Not sure, but it was fun to create for Illustration Fridays word of the week; Liquid.

Illustration Friday #40 "Tribute"

This is art and poem is a tribute to my dear little cat Minky-Mouse. I wrote this poem right after she passed three years ago. She was my first cat. We shared 17 years together. Smartest sweetest tabby ever. With an M on her forehead!

My Morning Herald

From a dream to waking, I sense her.
Creeping across the old creaky floorboards on little cat feet.

At our appointed time, just before sunrise,
I hear her purr as she climbs along my resting body.
Heavy and warm she curls up on my chest, extending a paw to touch my face.
Her purr winds down to quiet breath. We sleep.
All is still but the ticking clock.

Suddenly, times up!
With a loud thump she jumps down and slinks away.
Her rumbling purr starting up again as she begins her pre-dawn prowl.

But, this morning is different. My dear morning herald will not be visiting.
A fast growing disease took her gently from me last night.
I have slept late with out my feline alarm.
I shiver with the ache of her absence.

Now, I turn at a whisper, like her quiet approach.
In a patch of sunlight I think I catch a glimpse her shadow slipping away.

I eye her favorite catnip mouse with its face worn away from loving licks.
A kitty bowl, a scratching pad, her fleecy blank-y coated with fur.
All fresh aches to remind me she’s gone.

It will take time to break the habits we had together.
Time to forget how her warm pink paws felt on my skin,
the luxurious feel and smell of her mink soft fur, her resonating purr.

She was my companion,
my vigilant partner in training four rescue dogs how to behave.
I feel privileged to have shared the life of this brave little stray,
and will forever keep her in my heart and in my dreams.

Yet always, I will miss her in the hush of the early morning dawn.

Minky Mouse Moffatt February 1993- September 2010

Illustration Friday #39 "Farewell"

This little chickadee is moving to her new home. Farewell!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Illustration Friday #38 "Train"

I always thought it would be fun to train Lula-belle how to sit still with a treat on her nose until I give her the command "GO FOR IT!"  I never did train her to do this, but I like this picture so much I'm tempted to try!
My smart doggie can sit, shake paws, lay down and come to me (sometimes). I guess that's good enough. Click on Lula-belle for a closer view.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Illustration Friday #37 "Wild"

Wild like a baby tiger! This pen and ink drawing is based on a cut paper piece I did for National Wildlife's "Wild Animal Baby" magazine. Always loved it, and was inspired to try the image out in black and white. Click on the tiger for a larger image.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Illustration Friday # 36 "Urban"

 Wren Neighbors

Outside my studio their lives three families of Caroline Wrens. Every evening these adorable tiny birds argue about who going to get to bed first. They yammer and yell at each other in their LOUDEST voices for at least 15 minutes. Then all at once, all is silent as each home swings on it's peg. Not a peep comes from the houses until daybreak when they start their complaining about who's getting out first!
Soon they'll have babies to feed, bringing non stop noise for the summer.
They are my entertainment and alarm clock. I adore my little wrens!